The OMNoire Retreats Academy is where you'll learn to do just that...the right way.


We're Talking About The Freedom To Live Life On Your Own Terms.


The question was never if you could do it…but how


When you become an OMNoire Certified Retreat Leader, you will experience a world like never before, the freedom to cultivate life on your OWN terms, and expand what's possible for you.

You are over-ready to curate a retreat that is as impactful as it is affirming that there is something inside of you destined to be greater and leave an indelible mark on the people you touch.

It’s time to answer the call.

The Freedom To Travel The World Making Both An Impact And A Profit

It All Starts With Our 4 Pillars of Success 


Build A Life You Don't Need To Escape From

Because it's time to put an end to:

Putting your idea for adding retreats to your existing business and creating an additional revenue stream on the shelf because you don't know where to start.  

Ignoring that calling to share your story and bring people together for a retreat centered around healing, transformation, new connections, new experiences and new adventures.  

Introducing people to secret hideaways and unique experiences without being compensated for all your knowledge, and time and effort you've put in to be the go-to travel expert.



  • Our carefully guided approach opens up the business side of the retreat business. We’ll show you how to build a profitable business from Day 1 and make a living out of exploring the world with your tribe.
  • A quaint apartment in Milan? A coffee shop in Singapore? On the beach in Turks & Caicos? You get to build this next chapter around your vision, whatever that might look like. We are here to provide you with the tools to bring that vision to life. 
  • Live in absolute abundance with a full-time wellness travel business or side hustle that provides unlimited earning potential where counting vacation days is a thing of the past.

A Message From OMNoire Retreat Leader Hollis Gray



The Luxury Travel & Retreat Industry is a $1.2 Trillion Industry.

Now, more than ever, people are ready to get away.

They’re waiting for your YES.

The Math Is Math-ing

Travelers are willing to spend an average of 178% more on wellness-focused travel versus your average group trip.

The Global Wellness Institute (GWI) projects that wellness tourism will grow rapidly in the coming years as the world emerges from the pandemic (+20.9% annual growth), with the market reaching $1.1 trillion in 2025.

According to a recent survey from American Express, 78% of respondents said they are willing to spend more on travel that enhances their well-being—and 55% said they’d be willing to pay extra for wellness activities on future vacations.

81% of consumers surveyed agree they value the freedom to travel more now than they did prior to the pandemic and 88% agree that travel helps them improve their mental health.

Introducing Our 3

Course Offers

Choose Your Experience:

First Class Pass

Downloadable Course - 18+ Modules

Sky Lounge

1:1 Coaching With OMNoire Founder

Diamond Club

Invitation Ony


What you receive in each course level:

First Class Pass

  • Pre-recorded modules by OMNoire Founder, Christina Rice (valued at $10,000)
  •  Interactive Digital Workbook with prompts and worksheets to guide you from start to finish (valued at $6,000)
  • Access to Monthly Group Coaching Calls for 12 months (valued at $4,000)
  • Access to a Private Community for retreat leaders for 12 months (valued at $4,000)
  • Digital OMNoire Retreat Leader Certificate (Priceless)

Total Value $24,000

Sky Lounge

  • Done With You Retreat Planning: 10 hours of private instruction with OMNoire Founder, Christina Rice, Broken Up into 4 Sessions (valued at $15,000) 
  • Interactive Digital Workbook with Prompts and Worksheets to Guide You from Start to Finish (valued at $6,000)
  • Access to Monthly Group Coaching Calls for 12 Months
  • Access to a Private Community for retreat leaders for 12 months (valued at $4,000)
  • OMNoire Retreat Leader Certificate (Priceless)

Total Value $29,000

Diamond Club

  • 1:1 Coaching w/ Christina Rice, Academy Coaches and Guest Experts (valued at $20,000)
  • Retreat Marketing Support to the OMNoire Community of 70,000+ (valued at $15,000)
  • Interactive Digital Workbook with Prompts and Worksheets to Guide You from Start to Finish (valued at $6,000)
  • Ongoing coaching support from Christina and Academy Coaches from the time you sign up to the moment you leave your first retreat and beyond (valued at $5,000)
  • Access to a Private Community for retreat leaders for 12 months (valued at $4,000)
  • Access to Monthly Group Coaching Calls for 24 months (valued at $4,000)
  • Custom Microsite Build with retreat listed on the OMNoire Website (valued at $2,000)
  • OMNoire Retreat Leader Certificate (Priceless)

Total Value $56,000

What You'll Learn In

The Academy

How to choose the best retreat destination and accommodations for the experience you want to curate

How to manage expenses and build profitability into your packages

How to curate a retreat based on your retreat leader archetype. Are you The Sage, The Alchemist, Adventurer or Nurturer?

How to build an itinerary that provides an unforgettable experience for your attendees

How to build a strong relationship with your hotel partner, negotiate deposits, payment arrangements and contracts

 How to find and build a community that will want to book with you time and time again

How to prepare for a variety of scenarios while planning your retreat and during your retreat

How to protect yourself from liability


"Joining the Retreats Academy has been one of the greatest decisions I’ve made. The thought, intention, and preparation that has gone into the Academy and ultimately our success as retreat leaders was evident from Day 1. I felt supported from the start and to experience my first retreat has been a great sense of accomplishment. I thought the Retreats Academy was about me planning a retreat, but it has been so much more. I have challenged my beliefs, mindset, and gained clarity about who I am and the life and legacy I want to live. I’m honored to be a part of the first cohort of amazing retreat leaders and am excited to watch this community grow and evolve."

 - Jai Kitchings, The Art of Ritual Retreat 
Oaxaca, MX | October 2022

Proven Roadmap

At any course level, we will guide you step by step on curating a transformative and profitable retreat...the OMNoire way.

Group Coaching 

Our live coaching sessions are the perfect opportunity to share ideas with your peers and get all your questions answered from our experts.

Private Community

Our private community provides you with continued expert and peer-to-peer support, and where we share retreat planning ideas and travel news you can use.

Planning Resources

Your success is our success so we'll be providing you with essential retreat planning resources to help you curate your retreat with confidence.

Meet your instructor

Hi, I'm Christina

Serial Entrepreneur, Certified Yoga Instructor, Certified Padi Scuba Diver, Wanderluster, Dream Chaser


I am here for you - the you that is ready to live in their purpose and expand their reach and potential.

And YES, make a profit while doing so.

If you are a change-maker, a leader, and a visionary and you feel called to more, this is the place for you. 

In 2016, I launched OMNoire to be a vessel for Black women to live well from the inside out. We created a space to highlight leaders in wellness but knew we had to include immersive luxury travel experiences for our entire community so they could experience the magic of OMNoire in real life.

Since our first retreat in 2017, I have hosted retreats in Bali, Barbados, Ghana, Portugal, Brazil, Arizona, Grenada, and more.

Yet, I knew in order to best serve the healing and wellness needs of our global community, we needed to expand our retreat offerings.

Summer 2021 I launched the Academy to coach leaders such as yourself everything I know on building a highly profitable wellness & travel business.

With my guidance, you can put your own stamp on hosting transformative and profitable retreats while traveling to bucket list destinations around the world.


But it wasn't always this way...


I took home $5,000 from the first OMNoire Retreat in 2017 and $20,000 from the second, 7 months later.


I learned a lot from that first retreat where I hosted 53 women from around the world, and now I am giving you all my signature practices and proven strategies, and guiding you from beginning to end on how to be profitable so that you too can build your own successful retreats business.

We're the only retreats company out here that's showing you how we do, what we do best beyond just purchasing a course.

Photo: Glow Up Grenada - October 2017 

"After dreaming of hosting a retreat for years, I took it as a sign from the universe when I saw Christina’s post about the academy. Now I am so excited to host my first retreat in Colombia. I feel much more prepared and empowered since learning from Christina and the rest of the OMRA team. I’m so thankful for this experience and all the lessons learned."

 - Alicia Devika, The Mindful Goddess Expedition 
Colombia | December 2023

A Life That Works For You

Meet Our Avatars

Are You A Sonya?

A serial entrepreneur and wellness guru by trade, Sonya is living the dream but ready to change up how she does things.

She sees clients weekly in her coaching business but is ready to create a new experience by taking them on trips around the world to grow further in their businesses.

Once she graduates the Retreats Academy, Sonya wants to be all in. She plans to sell her condo and host 5-6 retreats a year while expanding her business around the world.

She’s ready to get grounded but never on the ground.

Are You An Iman?

Iman worked her entire life to become a lawyer. She’s at the top of her field and loves what she does but she’s ready to tell the story of her life and all she’s accomplished in a new way.

For years, she’s dreamed of bringing a group of women together for a luxury getaway to talk about resilience, spirituality, and finding balance. She believes that life should be spent living out loud (not watching others do it on social media). 

After the Academy, Iman is going to keep her day job but host rereats 1-2 times a year as a way to bring together her passions, gifts, craving for meaningful relationships and mile-long bucket list. To Iman, this is work/life balance at its finest.


This Is Where You Imagine What's Possible

Have an idea to curate a retreat for a specific group of people? 

Whether you're a financial wellness expert who wants to bring your clients together in real life; a mom who wants to curate a retreat for other moms; or you long for a retreat with your significant other to reconnect and bond in an intimate setting with other couples looking to do the same - the possibilities are endless.

If you build it, they will come.

Our course teaches you how to fine tune the vision for your retreat and find a community ready to travel the world with you.


This Is Where You Find the Answer To, 'Why Not Me?'

Our course walks you step by step thru choosing a location, marketing your retreat, planning an unforgettable itinerary, navigating the fine details of starting this new business venture, and what it takes to emerge as a leader in this space.


This Is Where You Find Your People

The Founding Members of the OMNoire Retreats Academy have come from every walk of life with one mission - to take up space in the luxury wellness and travel industry. 

All OMRA students gain access to an exclusive membership club for support, community and continued education along your retreat-planning journey.

Real talk, my friend

It's Your Time To Do This Thing You've Always Wanted To Do.

The Academy is right for you if you:

have been wanting to host a retreat for years but didn't know where to start 

have a passion for bringing people together for new experiences and new adventures 

 interested in expanding your existing business/practice (coaching, therapy, wellness, etc) and want to add retreats as an added component to your services

interested in learning the business side of retreats to best understand how you can be profitable

know that with the right support and coaching you'll be well on your way to building a profitable retreats business

“When I looked around at this open market, and the dollars that are circulating in the luxury retreat industry, I didn’t see anyone like me doing this.


I was a Black Woman who enjoyed planning luxurious vacations for myself and others so I pivoted from a burnout career to a purposeful life. I knew I could help others achieve the same through travel, community, and wellness. 


I decided to be the answer. I lift as I climb and so will you.”


- Christina, OMNoire Founder & Master Instructor

A Message From OMNoire Retreat Leader Dr. Gilberte 'Gigi' Bastien


"When I read the email about the launch of the OMNoire's Retreat Academy, it was like receiving the piece of a missing puzzle for me. Having completed a certification in Meditation Facilitation and Life Coaching, I felt something was missing from how I wanted my business to look.  I've learned so much from Christina and am incredibly grateful for her knowledge, time and patience as I navigate this new venture. Now, I am gearing up to host my 2nd retreat since graduating the Academy. This is something I never dreamt I’d be doing, yet here I am! This is just the beginning!"

 - Lisa Casey,

Follow Your Bliss Aruba June 2022 & Reconnect to Self Retreat Texas April 2023

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